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T Williams - I love abstracts, and have enjoyed viewing many different styles and images over the many years of my life, but these are as different as water is to rock. Here's why: You are an incredible artist, sculptress and visionary, and those talents combine to ensure attention to detail and painstaking adjustments are constantly made to both your thought pattern and creation of your project, right up to the unveiling. These abstracts are so different to any I have witnessed. Detail, Depth, Passion and such a very high demand for perfection puts you at the top of my favorite list of artists, which is a tall list. 

J Cole - Your talent and work is always magnificent. 


G Dunn -  Absolutely stunning. Love them.

​M Martin – Beautiful and Mesmerizing.

L Robbins - Beautiful!


S Brown - Awesome!!! This is amazing! Love this!!'


M Zeldin - Powerful!! Beautiful work!!


J Bender - Fantastic!


L Forbes - Wow! That's awesome!


E Britt - Wow, that's gorgeous!


J Blair Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent.


E Ray - Fabulous! I love this!


Cindy Ossias - Wow. Takes my breath away.

P Mai-Ahs - Amazing! Can't stop looking at it.


Marita Harrell - Your statue is sooooo beautiful.


H McCracken - Stunning! Congratulations for your creativity and strength!


D Baker - I love it. Absolutely sensational. So powerful!


S Theresa - Stunning !!!


M Kompare -Amazing!!!


M Erath - Awesome!


A Shah - Spectacular!


L Alfano - Awesome!!

R Eggleston - Beautiful and hypnotizing!

B Batey - This is  wild & wonderful!!

C Winkelhake - It's so powerful. Love it!

S Huntington - This is a stunning and transformative piece. I love it! To me it shows reflection and profound humanness. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!


E Bean - Powerful Art! You should be proud of your work & your legacy


V Heine - Beautifully balanced and stunning.

L TwoFeathers - This is stunning. This is absolutely gorgeous.

H Archibold - This is my favorite piece because of everything it stands for. It is huge, bold, and a beacon of hope for humanity. It depicts strength, commitment, grace, integrity, and acceptance. It is science, art, friendship, and the greatest elements of our human condition. This is the art of our resistance to hate and fear.

M Putnam - I received my artwork today it is breathtaking. People who don't design and create objects no matter what the material do not realize the time, thought that goes into creating any work of art. I absolutely love it and will cherish it forever.

A Amestello - It is a spectacular masterpiece! I love your work, beyond all others! You always amaze me.


M Simmons - It is incredible!!!!! You continue to produce the most amazing pieces. Very excited to see it in person.

A Montero - Amazingly beautiful


R Morgan – Superb! Beautiful work!!


A Guyfoy - As an art teacher, thank you for your hard work... As an art lover (and teacher!), it's gorgeous! Congratulations! Well done!

V Dali  - You're an amazing artist - incredibly talented and inspiring. I am so excited to hang my new art peice. 


C Cartin - Spectacular! I don't think I have ever seen anything like this. Beautiful lines, powerful message. Thank you for your talent and insight.

M Lee - Phenomenal! This work is thought provoking and magnificent.

D Kirkdonna – Tremendous! What an impressive artistic accomplishment and powerful statement. You are truly gifted. 

T McMahon - Stunning. Energetic. Uplifting in the way of true art. So well done DL Cooper!

K Ostlind-Schermann - That's beautiful! Bravo to you!! We need more art likw this in the world!!!

D Cturtle - That is MAGNIFICENT!

C Nolen - That is un-effingly-believably gorgeous!!!!!!! Amazing!

M Tofte - Love it! It's magnificent.


J Bailey - It's incredibly beautiful, I expect them to move if I look at it long enough. 

K Pelletier - This is absolutely beautiful. Just, gorgeous. I am in awe.


L Schordje - Wow, just beautiful. How striking that the compassion, tolerance, and cooperation are evident in such strong, muscled figures. There is no weakness in these works.

D Taylor - Beautiful! A masterpiece!


T Causseaux - I am in awe of your work!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing it with the world.

J Fuller - WOW!!!! That is the most amazing piece of sculpture I have ever seen!

J Samuels - This is beautiful, amazing, thrilling, stirring.

A Joon - Beautiful. This is exquisite! Thanks for sharing your art with the world!


M Jones - Stunning. You are a huge talent.

 K Loeb - WOW!! That's gorgeous! Such a talented woman you are. Truly stunning piece.


G Villasenor - Really Beautiful!


V Nemechek - That is gorgeous! What mastery and beautiful work!!


Jan Lawrence That is a great piece of public art. It provokes thought and emotion. It gives the public a chance to be part of the the discourse. Great job.

J Guidarelli - It’s unbelievably stunning and original.

V Mendoza - Inspiring, Powerful and Beautiful!. 


L Margerum - Beautiful work! An inspiration!


K Reynosa - This is amazing and so is your thoughtful gesture. Cheers to your artistic amazingness and integrity!

J McCall - Amazing as always, DL.!  OMG, these are beyond beautiful!!! WOW! Just feel that any words do not do it justice!!!


L Hayes - These are beautiful. It is so gorgeous! Couldn't begin to understand the process but the thinking behind this!


J  Engelberg - I keep coming back to this. I think this is my new favorite work of art. It's just mesmerizing.


J Eells - It's stunning and I am thrilled to own one of your masterpieces.


L Hemingway - Incredible, beautiful, awe-inspiring... AMAZING!


N Quarella - Beautiful, elegant and powerful!


K Pitts - This is amazing! One of the most beautiful sculptures I have ever seen...Congratulations!

A Squadros - Excellent, this image speaks for itself, marvoulous.


A Albayrak - Pleasure seeing the work, spectacular visual show...wonderfull


M Armijo - Vision is extraordinary, and you seem to be the master of its true depth.


C Olesch - So beautiful! You are a great artist, I love your work!


L Peppers – Perfect! I love the movement.


C Trujillo - Holy damn! You amaze me. Truly, truly ethereal.


C Slade - Very strong and moving love it!!! You are very talented.

M Martin - Oh Gosh, another gorgeous piece!!!!!


G Brand - Elegant and powerful!


S Begam - Thank you for your artistry and fierce spirit


M Welch - Magnificent!


P McKenzie - Awesome!!!!

L Lesman - You are clearly gifted. So incredibly beautiful. Wow.

L Brubacher - Breathtaking!

J Donatto - Powerful and in balanced. Congratulations!

J Kubisiak - Fantastic!

K Dunn - Looks absolutely stunning as per everything you do


N Zito - Superb!


F Millar - Oh my goodness! So amazing, I love the fusion of colours, they are so bright and energetic.


M Moran - Absolutely gorgeous!


M Gallaway – Amazing!


I Coleman - Outstanding colours gorgeous you are a very talented lady


K Triantafyllou - Wow!!! Super!!!!

J Millison - So beautiful!

M Stafford - Oh, the colors are gorgeous! Stunning work.


S Perez - Really beautiful! The colors and light are gorgeous. 


P Myers - Perfection!!!


P Werner - Fabulous! Love the colors


D Carleton - One of my fave sculptures I've ever seen...Beautiful


R Borges Dos Reis - Fantastic, very beautiful, Congratulations!!!!!!


P Wanem - Great work!

C North - Magnificent!

P Crocker Absolutely beautiful!


W Harp -  Beautiful. What talent.


S Speer - This is a fantastic piece of art.


L Heffernan - Absolutely Breathtaking! It's beautiful.


V Henson - Absolutely beautiful. Stunning work as always. You never cease to amaze me by thinking outside the box and adding multiple dimensions to a concept. Absolutely love.

M Hurtado - Extraodinary! I am in awe!

M Podbielski - You are a force of talent! Stunning! Congratulations on the installation. My favorite sculpture. Thank you for your art!

M Vespucci- As a female sculptor, you're a hero to me.

V Manco-Renz Nothing less than a  masterpiece!

S Epona - Your art relays the message perfectly. I understood immediately! Artists inspire others and it's a beautiful thing! You are amazing !

C Magnussen - This sends chills throughout my entire body. It is profound and magnificent.


C Baku - This is beyond incredible. The dynamic balance is stunning. Thank you for sharing it! Perfection.

D Langlinais -  Thanks for sharing your message through your beautiful sculpture. Stunning...

A Perretta - It is really beautiful. Just beautiful, both physically and in the spirit you designed it!

J Fetter - Amazing! You are an awesome artist and person, DL Cooper!


M Ferreiro - You must be proud of your achievement, it is an unbelievably amazing piece of sculptural art.

C Buckler - Awesome! It's amazing!

L Stanistreet - This is a beautiful piece of art. Shows power, strength,


C Miller - Incredible! You are so talented!


J Schreiber - Gorgeous!

A Hossain - This is stunning. Very moved by it.

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